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The Lake Ridge App Store is a suite of rotating life application tools and classes offered each Wednesday night during the fall and spring semesters.

Fall 2017 Apps

Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 pm

  • A Life of Impact

    Led by Henry Rogers

    In the last decade we have seen cultural changes that we never could have imagined. And not only the cultural changes, but the lack of civility is very troubling. How are we to live out our faith with a desire to impact our businesses and communities for Christ? In this class, we'll explore ways to live out the gospel with character, integrity, and kindness. Lessons include:

    • "The State of Civility"
    • "Foxhole Friends"
    • "Running Ragged in the Rat Race"
    • "Integrity with People"
    • and more!

    Join us for some great discussions!

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  • Holy Homes

    Led by Ben & Abby Lowery

    The family as God designed it stands in the cross-hairs of today's most heated culture battles. Mass media and technology provide a constant stream of pervasive influence on our homes, our marriages, our children, and our mind-space.

    This class is devoted to reclaiming the home as a sacred space profitable for faith formation in the family. Join us as we discuss God's original design for the family, how the culture has come to contradict that design, practical steps to reclaiming our homes for Christ's Kingdom, and more! Join in the discussion this fall!

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  • Momentum

    Led by Dan Turner

    In the lifespan of a Christian, it's entirely possible to experience lulls in the passion and growth of following after Christ. In this class, we'll explore ways to renew and improve our walk with the Lord. Class goals:

    • Learn 7 spiritual habits to help keep your walk strong.
    • Learn how to insure that you "walk the talk".
    • Learn how to become a "Romans 12" disciple.
    • Learn how keeping a spiritual journal can improve your walk with the Lord.

    This class will also feature an element of self-directed learning, as some weeks will be open for a class group "choose your own adventure". Find out how to regain your spiritual momentum this fall!

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