App Store Classes

App Store Classes are offered each Wednesday from 7:00-8:30 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. They provide a range of life application options for adults. This fall's classes will run from September 5-November 14. Spring classes will begin in February.

For Richer: Marriage Enrichment

led by Ben & Abby Lowery

This app is for every couple that wants to proactively invest in their marriage, both for their own happiness and for the glory of the Lord. This app is NOT a counseling session, for troubled couples only, or a Bible study about marriage. This app IS designed to be fun for all couples, full of opportunities for interaction, complete with professional personality and gift assessments, communication games, prayer, and fellowship.

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Living in the Truth

Led by Keith Lowery

We are living in an increasingly adversarial culture - one that not only bombards us with false ideas, but that also pressures us to assent to things we suspect may be wrong. In this app, we'll take explore prevalent, contemporary ideas and consider whether those ideas have a basis in biblical teaching or even reality.

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Living Wisely in an upside-Down World

led by Henry rogers

We are living in crazy times with many fearful, angry people. Doubt and hopelessness abound. How is the follower of Christ to live, love, and serve others? One of my strategies for living is this: "When the wisest person who has ever lived writes a book, I probably ought to read it and pay close attention." In this class we'll look at selected chapters from Proverbs that will help us live wisely in our generation.

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