Adult Sunday School Classes

Led by gifted Bible teachers and caring people, our Adult Sunday School classes focus on taking the timeless truth of God’s Word and applying it to our lives — for today. Some of our classes naturally fall into age groupings, but all classes are open to individuals of any age.

All Sunday School classes meet at 9:00 a.m. Room locations are shown in parentheses.

Ambassadors Class (B105)

Ambassadors class times are focused on systematic Bible study, singing that expresses love for Christ, prayer for personal needs, and fellowship that seeks to build Christian friendship and concern for one another. This class is comprised of senior adults.

Teacher: Bill Hinkley

Hosts: Doc & Connie Wallace, David Murray

Current Study: Philippians

Boomers Class (E210)

The Boomers class takes its name from the demographic “Baby Boomer”, which is the general makeup of the class. Class emphasis is on teaching from God’s Word with selected topical studies covered in between regular Bible book series.

Teachers: Larry Burke, Mark Harris

Hosts: Roger & Denise Johnson, Mark & Rachael Harris

Current Study: Acts

Builders Class (B111)

The Builders Class provides Bible study, fellowship, and encouragement in an informal, relaxed atmosphere. Bible study consists of expository teaching aimed at meeting the spiritual needs of adults building their lives and families on the Word of God.

Teachers: Henry Rogers, Clark Paton

Hosts: Dan & Jodi McEvilly

Current Study: Acts

Next Study: The Second Coming

Fellowship Class (E202)

The Fellowship Class has a more diverse mixture of ages. Bible study lessons involve lively, informative discussions with the objective of personally integrating God’s Word into daily life.

Teacher: Bob Chisholm

Hosts: Art & Paula DeLeon, Keith & Becca Lowery

Current Study: James

Next Study: A Survey of Old Testament Prophets (in March)

Journey (E209)

This class is comprised mainly of adults in their 30's-60's, with families ranging from those with young children to empty nesters.

Teacher: varies, depending on the topic

Hosts: Brian & Jennifer Masters, Deric & Lynne Salser

Current study: Titus

Ignite (E213)

Ignite is designed for young adults, single and married, who are in their 20's and early 30's.

Teachers: Ben Penfold

Hosts: Ben & Jaymi Penfold

Current Study: Ruth

The Road to Emmaus (B107)

This class will journey through the teachings of Jesus, with prayer and fellowship being a central part of the class. 

Teacher: Jason Vogel

Hosts: Jason & Lori Vogel

Current Study: Exploring Christian Theology

Young Adult Ministry (E217)

The Young Adult Ministry is for 18-25 year olds. We seek to answer the question, "What does it mean to follow Christ now that I'm an adult?"

Teacher: Jonathan Shotts

Hosts: Jonathan & Lauren Shotts, Fred & Robin Hurst

Current Study: Revelation