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New on our Bookshelves

October/November 2019


Israel, the Church, and the Middle East: A Biblical Response to the Current Conflict

Darrell Bock (DTS) and Mitch Glaser (Chosen People Ministries)

The relationship between the church and Israel has been the source of debate among Christians throughout much of church history. In recent years, the traditional pro-Israel stance of evangelicals has come under fire by those who support the Palestinian cause, calling for a new perspective and more nuanced approach by Christians who believe the land of Israel belongs to the Jewish people by virtue of God's covenants and promises.

This book shows that God retains a plan and purpose for the Jewish people while also addressing a number of the divisive issues raised by authors critical of both Israel and of those who affirm Israel's right to the land.

The Wonder of the Word

Dr. Tony Evans

The Wonder of the Word gives a complete survey of the Bible and shows you how Scripture produces power in someone's life. It will reinvigorate your love for Scripture. Dr. Evans explores the nature and benefits of God's Word and shows how to sow and grow the seed. It also covers important topics such as the revelation, inspiration, illumination, interpretation, and canonicity of Scripture.

Discerning the Voice of God (DVD/Bible Study kit)

Priscilla Shirer

Shirer asks: Do you feel that the ability to hear God's voice is for other people and not for you? Is it only for people who lived in biblical times? Not at all! The God who loved you enough to die for you loves you enough to talk to you. And wherever you are in your spiritual walk, God will find a way to speak to you in a way you will understand.

Become acquainted with the Voice that has spoken from a fire and a cloud, with visible signs and an invisible Spirit, through a burning bush and burning hearts. Hear from some of the most well-known Christians in history about how God speaks to them, and discover for yourself how you can discern the voice of God.

This study was done in one of the women's Bible studies at LRBC.

Cloak of Light: Wars of the Realm (Book 1)

Chuck Black

This series is for teens/young adults.

Drew is caught in a world of light - just inches away from the dark. What if there was a world beyond our vision, a world just fingertips beyond our reach? What if our world wasn't beyond their influence?

Tragedy and heartache seem to be waiting for Drew Carter at every turn, but college offers him a chance to start over - until an accident during a physics experiment leaves him blind and his genius friend, Benjamin Berg, missing.

As his sight miraculously returns, Drew discovers that the accident has heightened his neuron activity, giving him skills and sight beyond the normal man. When he begins to observe fierce invaders that no one else can see, he questions his own sanity, and so do others. But is he insane or do the invaders truly exist? With help from Sydney Carlyle, a mysterious girl who offers encouragement through her faith, Drew searches for his missing friend Ben, who seems to hold the key to unlocking this mystery. As the dark invaders close in, will he find the truth in time?

Rise of the Fallen: Wars of the Realm (Book 2)

Chuck Black

A six thousand year war rages and now the demonic Fallen are coming for him - the one man shrouded in mystery. Only Validus stands in their way. Validus is the last and least of God's angels, but he's seen much across the millennia since his creation. Empires have risen and fallen as angelic and demonic forces battle in a raging war that will determine humanity's fate - and the fate of his defeated brothers.

Eventually called to be and earth-bound warrior, Validus rises to a position of power and respect, commanding legions of angels through impossible battles and overwhelming odds. But when orders arrive from the Creator's most elite Messenger, he finds himself suddenly demoted to a task of apparent insignificance considering the fierce war they are waging against the demonic Fallen - the covert protection of one unbelieving man.

Validus soon finds himself on a mission that will push him beyond his abilities as he battles to protect Drew Carter, for the Fallen are coming for him. Legions of them. As Validus races against time to discover why Drew is so important to humanity's survival, can he stand between Drew and all who would destroy him?

Light of the Last: Wars of the Realm (Book 3)

Chuck Black

After an accident left him temporarily blind, Drew Carter didn't just regain his sight. He now sees what others can't imagine - an entire spiritual realm of might beings at war. But Drew just wants his life back. Part of that involves Sydney Carlyle, a woman he is inexplicably drawn to. When he's offered the chance to become a CIA agent, it seems the way to redeem his past. The only problem - his visions of the supernatural realm are increasing in frequency.

It's up to the warrior angel Validus and his hand-picked team of heavenly agents to protect the unbelieving Drew. Validus now knows that the young man is at the epicenter of a global spiritual war, and the angels must use a millennia of battle experience to keep Drew alive, for the Fallen want him dead. Surrounded by spiritual warriors and targeted by demons, Drew is faced with an impossible decision that will forever alter the destiny of America . . . and his own soul.

Meeting Girls Like Us: Old Testament Women (Book 1)

Barby Bailey (author, speaker, wife of DTS president)

This book is a careful analysis of six women from the Old Testament: Hagar, Leah, Tamar, Jochebed, Rahab, and Deborah. In exploring the stories of these six women, author Barby Bailey hopes to connect them to women of today. Their stories cover much ground:

  • Hagar exemplifies the search for significance.
  • Leah is the prime example of moving from pain to praise.
  • Tamar's tale defines righteousness.
  • Jochobed shows us how to rest in God.
  • Rahab reminds us why she made it into the "Hall of Faith".
  • With Deborah, you'll learn about empowering and encouraging others.

This Bible study tool is perfect for both small groups and individuals. Each analysis is followed by discussion questions that will spark debate and reflection, offering numerous opportunities for you to learn of your eternal significance and the unique purpose God has for you.

Meeting Girls Like Us: Old Testament Women (Book 2)

Barby Bailey

Bailey analyzes the stories of six biblical heroines and uses them as inspirational examples of how modern women can cope with the many challenges around them. Not only does she bring these women to life, but she also regards them as sisters who have confronted and conquered similar problems:

  • Naomi battled famine, homelessness, death, and poverty.
  • Hannah used the power of prayer to cope with her infertility.
  • Abigail dealt with a wealthy but ill-tempered husband.
  • Bathsheba struggled for forgiveness.
  • Ezekiel's wife was carted off to a foreign land against her will.
  • Gomer contended with temptation and infidelity.

Bailey personalized each of these stories, annotating them with scriptural references and amplifying their meaning by relating them to her own life. 

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Mission

Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers: The Trinity

Joey Allen (DTS alumnus)

Even the youngest believers need a solid grasp of Christian doctrine just as much as adults do. The most foundational teachings of the Christian faith are presented in the Big Thoughts for Little Thinkers series on a level that preschool and elementary school-age children (ages 4-8) can understand. In simple but precise language, the series teaches God-centered theology. With charming illustrations, the books make for a fun but educational read.

The Mission presents God's worldwide plan to call people from every nation to worship Him through Jesus Christ. God invites children to share His good news with a world of people who desperately need a Savior.

The Trinity promotes the Christian doctrine that there is God who exists as three persons - the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. This teaching is important for children to relate rightly to each member of the godhead.

This series works well as a text for homeschooling, Sunday schools, Christian schools, or family devotional time. Series includes The Mission, The Trinity, The Gospel (relates the good news of salvation), and The Scripture (demonstrates reliability of the Word of God). All four books are now available in the LRBC library.

Pastor's Pick from Ben Lowery

On Faith: Lessons from an American Believer

Antonin  Scalia

Antonin Scalia reflected deeply on matters of religion and shared his insights with  many audiences of the course of his remarkable career. As a Supreme Court justice for three decades, he vigorously defended the American constitutional tradition of allowing religion a prominent place in the public square. As a man of faith, he recognized the special challenges of living a distinctively religious life in modern America, and he inspired other believers to meet those challenges.


Breakthrough (PG)

The impossible true story about the powerful impact of prayer. Through the years and the struggles, when life seemed more about hurt and loss than hope and mercy, God was positioning the Smiths for something extraordinary - the death and resurrection of their son. 

When Joyce Smith's 14-year-old son John fell through an icy Missouri lake one winter morning, she and her family had seemingly lost everything. At the hospital, John lay lifeless for more than 60 minutes. But Joyce (Chrissy Metz, This Is Us) was not ready to give up on her son. She mustered all her faith and strength into one force and cried out to God in a loud voice to save him. Miraculously her son's heart immediately started beating again.

In the coming days, John would defy every expert, every case history, and every scientific prediction. Sixteen days after falling through the ice and being clinically dead for an hour, he walked out of the hospital under his own power, completely healed. Breakthrough is about a profound truth: prayer really does work. God uses it to remind us that He is always with us, and when we combine it with unshakable faith, nothing is impossible.

Jonah: The Musical (NR)

This is a musical for the whole family about the biblical character Jonas as it springs to life on screen in jaw-dropping scale by an exceptional cast, spectacular special effects, and live animals. Filmed in front of a live audience on stage and Sight & Sound Theatre in Lancaster, PA, this musical was shows at the Sight & Sound Theatre in Branson, MO.

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