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The App Store is a suite of rotating life application tools and classes offered each Wednesday night during the fall and spring semesters.

Spring 2018 Apps

Wednesday evenings @ 7:00 pm

  • A Life of Impact

    Led by Henry Rogers

    In the last decade we have seen cultural changes that we never could have imagined. And not only the cultural changes, but the lack of civility is very troubling. How are we to live out our faith with a desire to impact our businesses and communities for Christ? In this class, we'll explore ways to live out the gospel with character, integrity, and kindness. Lessons include:

    • "The State of Civility"
    • "Foxhole Friends"
    • "Running Ragged in the Rat Race"
    • "Integrity with People"
    • and more!

    Join us for some great discussions!

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  • CHristians and the Commandments

    Led by Jonathan Shotts

    Ever wondered how the Old Testament Law related to the Christian life? Are the Ten Commandments binding on the Christian? Is a Christian required to tithe or observe the Sabbath? What is the law of Christ?

    If you've ever asked any of these questions or questions like them, then this class is for you! We'll dive into the depths of the Old Testament Law to understand its purpose for Israel and for the Christian. By the end, you will have a better picture of what exactly are and what are not God's commands for your life.

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  • Living in the Truth

    Led by Keith Lowery

    Jesus said of Satan that "when he lies, he speaks his native language". By contrast, one of the hallmarks of being a Christian is the integrity and honesty with which we live our lives. We are living in an increasingly adversarial culture. One that not only bombards us with false ideas, but that also pressures us to assent to things we suspect may be wrong. Social media increases the velocity of these ideas, but mostly without increasing actual understanding.

    In this class, we will take a look at prevalent, contemporary ideas and consider whether those ideas have a basis in biblical teaching or even in reality. Is it really true that a person's identity is determined by his or her sexual orientation? Does it matter what pronouns we use when discussing transgenderism? Is speaking honestly about contentious issues really a form of hatred? Or is the Bible, rather, telling the truth when it says "Faithful are the wounds of a friend"? Join us in exploring a biblical perspective on sensitive contemporary issues.

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  • Painting 101

    Led by Paula DeLeon

    The old country church where our parents or grandparents used to go will always bring fond memories of community and simpler times.

    Please join us for fellowship and acrylic painting of these churches. You will be able to complete two or three paintings during the class. Beginners to advanced students are welcome!

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