Join us Sunday, February 18, from 6:15-8:00 p.m., in the Sanctuary, for an evening you won't soon forget! (Doors open at 6:00 p.m.)

The Big Apple on a Bun

Our 2018 NYC Mission Trip team will be serving up three different varieties of New York-style sandwiches along with sides, drinks, and dessert.

Introducing Grant Price...

While you enjoy your New York fare, illusionist Grant Price will entertain and confound you with his unique style of "mentalism". He will read your mind, influence your behavior, and predict the outcome of even the smallest decisions. He knows what you're thinking, where you've been, your PIN number, your hobbies - EVERYTHING! You think it, he knows it.

Grant Price has been performing across the US since 2003, entertaining and mesmerizing audiences for corporate and organizational events by Ferrari, Texas A&M, and Luke Bryan.

2018 NYC Mission Trip

The junior and senior students serving you that evening will be taking a week-long mission trip to New York City this summer to engage people with the gospel of Christ through personal evangelism, prayer stations, service, and music.

The trip costs $1500 per person in order to accommodate airfare, housing, transportation, and a bit of cultural immersion. All donations should be in the form of cash or checks made payable to Lake Ridge Bible Church with "Mission NYC" in the memo line.