"Equipping Locally to Impact Globally"

Covenant of Membership

What is expected of a Lake Ridge Bible Church member?



Here is our Covenant of Membership:



I have trusted Jesus Christ as my personal Savior and have assurance of my salvation.



As a member of Lake Ridge Bible Church, I support the Doctrinal positions and the purposes for ministry stated in the church constitution.



With the Lord’s help, I willingly commit my self to:

  • Growth — to live a godly life by actively studying and applying God’s Word.
  • Fellowship  — to love and befriend my fellow members and to attend regularly the services of my church.
  • Prayer — to pray for my church leaders, fellow members, our missionary outreach, and the programs of the church.
  • Service — to use my God-given abilities to serve the Lord and others through the church and to share the gospel with those in the world around me.
  • Support  — to give faithfully and generously in support of the church and its ministries.
  • Unity — to submit to the discipline of the church leadership, and to use my influence to promote a constructive attitude among my fellow members, realizing my responsibility to work for unity within the Body of Christ.